Since our founding in 2006 Copper Valley Computers Ltd has been evolving. In 2008 the opportunity to provide rural Internet service took it’s first steps and liberated dozens of families and businesses from dial-up access. Now the network has grown to the point where we can no longer both repair/sell computers and develop the networks, our focus is now strictly on network maintenance and new deployments.

Service Area

We currently offer Internet service from Rosehill in Knutsford, along highway 5A south covering Long Lake, Shumway Lake, Trapp Lake, Napier Lake, Stump Lake, and Nicola Lake with offshoots covering Glimpse Lake and Douglas Lake.
We have coverage in Merritt and on Coldwater Road just south of Merritt, along highway 8 We have coverage in Lower Nicola, Shulus, Miller Estates / Sunshine Valley, and in Canford.
On highway 97C we have coverage from 8 Mile Road north to Logan Lake including Mamette Lake, Beech Road, Steffans Road, Foley Road, and Steffans Road.

New areas are being investigated and we welcome consultation with any unserved/underserved areas.